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Diner Lingo: "B"
Diner lingo (sometimes called diner slang, or short-order lingo) has a rich history in American diners and restaurants, and now it's making a comeback! We've compiled the largest diner lingo dictionary here at dinerlingo.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you work in the food industry, or if you're just looking for a little entertainment!
B and B Bread and butter
B.L.T. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich.
Baby Glass of milk
Baby juice Milk
Baby sauce Mustard
Back teeth afloat Intoxicated
Bad breath Onion
Baked Alaska Baked Swiss steak
Bald headed row Row of diner seats
Baled hay Shredded wheat
Ball of fire Shot of whiskey more...
Balloon juice Seltzer or soda water
Balloon water Seltzer or soda water
Bang berries Baked beans
Bank Cash register
Bark Hot dog
Barked pie Fruit cobbler
Barley broth Beer
Barley water Beer
Barn stormer Waitress who jumps from job-to-job
Base runner Waitress who jumps from job-to-job
Battery acid Grapefruit juice
Beadsteader Sleepy counterman
Bean buster Heavy eater
Beans to go Coffee
Beef a la mode Beef stew
Beef-on-wreck Famous style of roast beef sandwich
Beef stick Bone
Bees American cheese
Beetle blood Beer (usually ale)
Belch water Seltzer or soda water
Belly busters Baked beans
Belly cheat Apron
Belly chokers Doughnuts
Belly furniture Food
Belly warmer Cup of coffee
Bellywash Soup
Bend the crab To overcharge a rude customer
Bender An employee who steals food
Bernice Aspirin or other pain-killers
Berries Eggs
Bessie Roast beef or hamburger
Bib Napkin
Bible Cook book
Biddy board French toast more...
Billiard Buttermilk
Bing Small restaurant
Birdseed Breakfast cereal
Biscuit Your heart
Biscuit grabber Fatty food
Black and blue Extremely rare meat. more...
Black and white Chocolate soda with vanilla ice cream more...
Black ball Chocolate ice cream
Black bottom Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup more...
Black box Safe or cash register
Black cow Chocolate milk or milkshake more...
Black stick Chocolate ice cream cone
Black water Root beer
Blindfolded Basted eggs
Blonde Coffee with cream
Blonde and sweet Coffee with cream and sugar
Blonde with sand Coffee with cream and sugar
Bloodhound Hot dog
Bloodhound in the hay Hot dog with sauerkraut
Bloody Very rare
Blowout patches Pancakes
Blue-bottle Bromo Seltzer more...
Blue-plate special A daily special of meat, potatoes and a vegetable more...
Boiled leaves Hot tea
Bossy in a bowl Beef stew more...
Bossy on a board Roast beef sandwich
Bottom Scoop of ice cream added to a drink
Bow-wow Hot dog
Bowl of red Chili soup more...
Bowl on fire Chili soup
Break it and shake it To add an egg to a drink more...
Breath Onion
Bridge party Four of something more...
Broken hen berries Scrambled eggs
Bronx vanilla Garlic
Brown bellies Baked beans
Brown down Wheat toast
Bubble dancer Dishwasher
Bucket of cold mud Bowl of chocolate ice cream
Bucket of hail Glass of ice
Bullets Baked beans more...
Bun pup Hot dog
Burger with breath Hamburger with onions
Burn one Put a hamburger on the grill
Burn one, take it through the garden and pin a rose on it Hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and onion
Burn the British Toasted English muffin
Butcher's revenge Meatloaf

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