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Diner Lingo: "P"
Diner lingo (sometimes called diner slang, or short-order lingo) has a rich history in American diners and restaurants, and now it's making a comeback! We've compiled the largest diner lingo dictionary here at dinerlingo.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you work in the food industry, or if you're just looking for a little entertainment!
P.C. Plain chocolate milk
P.T. Pot of tea
Paint a bow-wow red Hot dog with ketchup
Paint it red Put ketchup on it
Pair of drawers Two cups of coffee
Pig in a blanket Ham sandwich more...
Pigs Strips of bacon
Pigs between the sheets Ham sandwich
Pin a rose on it Add onion to it
Pink stick Strawberry ice cream
Pipes Straws
Pittsburgh To toast or burn something more...
Pittsburgh rare Burnt on the outside, rare on the inside
Plain and dry Without any condiments
Pope Benedict Eggs benedict
Popeye Spinach
Put a hat on it Add ice cream
Put legs on it Make it a take-out order
Put out the lights and cry Liver and onions

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