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Diner Lingo: "C"
Diner lingo (sometimes called diner slang, or short-order lingo) has a rich history in American diners and restaurants, and now it's making a comeback! We've compiled the largest diner lingo dictionary here at dinerlingo.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you work in the food industry, or if you're just looking for a little entertainment!
C.B. Cheeseburger
C.J. Boston Cream cheese and jelly sandwich more...
C.J. white Cream cheese and jelly sandwich on white bread
Cackle fruit Eggs more...
Cackleberries Eggs more...
Canary Island special Vanilla soda with chocolate ice cream
Canned cow Evaporated milk
Cat's eyes Tapioca pudding
Check the ice Look at the attractive girl who just came in
Checkerboard Waffle
Chewed with fine breath Hamburger with onions
Chicago dog Steamed bun with relish
Chicago sundae Pineapple sundae more...
Chicken in the hay Egg salad sandwich
Chicks on a raft Eggs on toast
China Rice pudding
Choker hole Doughnut
Chokies Artichokes
Chopper Knife
City juice Water more...
Clean up the kitchen Order of hash
Cluck Eggs
Cluck and grunt Eggs and bacon
Coke pie Coconut pie
Cold mud Chocolate ice cream
Cold spot Iced tea
Coney Island Hot dog more...
Corrugated roof Lemon meringue pie
Corsage With onions
Cow feed Salad
Cow juice Milk
Cow paste Butter
Cow to cover Butter
Cowboy Western omelette
Cowboy coffee Coffee from chicory beans
Cowboy with spurs Western omelette with french fries
Creep Draft beer
Cremate To burn (or toast) something
Crowd Three of something more...
Cup of mud Coffee more...
Customer will take a chance Order of hash more...
Cut the grass Serve without relish

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