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Diner Lingo: "G"
Diner lingo (sometimes called diner slang, or short-order lingo) has a rich history in American diners and restaurants, and now it's making a comeback! We've compiled the largest diner lingo dictionary here at dinerlingo.com so you can learn the jargon too, whether you work in the food industry, or if you're just looking for a little entertainment!
GAC Grilled American cheese sandwich more...
Gallery Diner booth
Gentlemen will take a chance Order of hash
George Eddy A customer who doesn't leave tips
Georgia pie Peach pie
Give it shoes Make it a take-out order
Go for a walk Make it a take-out order
Gravel train Sugar bowl
Graveyard stew Buttered toast with sugar and cinnamon, served in a bowl of warm milk
Groundhog Hot dog
Grunt Bacon

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Butcher's revenge
Cluck and grunt
Whistle berries
Italian perfume
Elephant dandruff
Swamp water
Make it cry
Chicks on a raft
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